Neolepenism house model was created

New Green Technology with roots in Prehistory


Nenad B. Miloradović, Belgrade, Serbia

On architecture 2022 exhibition


Biophilic pattern and appearance of Lepenski Vir habitats. Please, click mouse right button.

The architecture of Lepenski Vir was the architecture of the golden angle. This archaeological site is very important for understanding of sustainable development on the planet in the light of energy efficiency in buildings and architecture, saving of energy from fossil fuels for heating and air conditioning of buildings, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and prevention of effects of climate changes and global warming in the contemporary age.

New Green Technology with roots in Prehistory

Neolepenism is a new type of energy efficient architecture that can respond the challenges of sustainable development and which can have an impact on climate change and global warming as a passive medium of protection. It is based on the principles of energy efficiency and the remains of the architecture of prehistoric culture Lepenski Vir, which lasted for a long time, about 8,000 years ago. Lepenski Vir is located in Serbia, in the Djerdap Gorge, on the right bank of the Danube, not far from Donji Milanovac. A model of an energy efficient house – Neolepenism house – has been created to represent the model of this new architecture – the Neolepenism.

The model of energy efficient construction facility with flat roof
Neolepenism house model

The model of single Neolepenism house with flat roof

View of the interior design of Neolepenism house

Presentation and Exhibition

The envelop shape of design is copyrighted as a type of industrial design and presented at the Jubilee 50th International Congress and Exhibition on KGH (HVAC&R), held at the Sava Center in Belgrade from December 4-6, 2019, organized by the Union of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and Technicians of Serbia (SMEITS) and the KGH Society. At the Opening ceremony on 4th December 2019 at Jubileje 50th KGH International Congress and Exhibition in Belgrade author received the special acknowledgment for his contribution to the KGH Congress and development of profession from 1970 to 2019. Also, at this Congress the author had presentation Neolepenism as a type of energy efficient architecture and exhibited the small Neolepenism house model of this new architecture. The model was exhibited at the boxes of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade and the IBPSA Danube Belgrade (International Building Performance Simulation Association – Danube Affiliate).

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The base of architecture of Neolepenism house

Fig. 1 – The base of houses at Lepenski Vir by archeologist D. Srejović
Fig. 2 – The optimized base of Neolepenism house by author – engineer Nenad B. Miloradović

First picture presents the base of the Lepenski Vir prehistoric house by archeologist Dragoslav Srejović, who was the person deserving most merit for discovery the site Lepenski Vir. On the next figure is calculated and optimized base of construction facility by author of model of Neolepenism house – the engineer for heat distribution, Nenad B. Miloradović.