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Members can get access to exclusive offer for the model of Neolepenism house and architecture. Our memberships is free, but the model of Neolepenism house and some of the consulting is not.

The prices depends on the designing projects of Neolepenism house. The payment will be based on the temporary contract for occasional jobs.

This page is call primary for the investors, companies, architects and engineers (mechanical, electrical and civil) who wants to be involved in building or using Neolepenism house. We can try to create the model of Neolepenism house for your own needs.

Designing energy efficient forms can be one of the strategies for designing low energy and passive houses. You can build low energy, passive, green or NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building) houses on many ways. But Neolepenism house, with its copyrighted envelop and shape of construction facility, can minimized the costs. It needs less construction materials and thermal insulation. Shaping the living space is the most cheaper energy saving strategy. But only, the geometric shape of Neolepenism house is not enough, it have to have a good thermal insulation. All of that together can improve the energy class of construction facility.

Your building can stay after you for the next generations, with impacts to global warming, green house gases (GHG) emission and the environment… that building is not only for you. Neolepenism house is the new Green Technology, but for many things there are not certain answers yet. In your Neolepenism house is possible to add renewable energy sources (RES) which fits the best to your location, also a green roofs for protecting from heat in the summer time. Or maybe solar panels… There are many possibilities… We can design and build with you for you together. Software supports is also needed.

The Environment, Climate and Location are very important. Before you make your own building, you must to think about purposes, locations and your needs, looking at the model to find the best solution. It can take month or two, maybe more… Often you will change your minds. After that, your Neolepenism house could be ready to build. That’s why the model of Neolepenism house is important.

This website shows only the small single Neolepenism house. It is probably possible to make some bigger houses or public buildings. It depends of applied construction materials and static. Maybe it is possible to make the settlements and cities also. But practical applications needs cooperation with many professionals: first with the architects, then with many kinds of engineers and needs more research. It is integrated design. The main goal is that construction facility fits to natural surroundings with minimal impact to the Nature, GHG emission and Global warming, with minimal costs of construction materials and thermal insulation, and with optimal thermal comfort.

Neolepenism house is very promising Green technology. You can be part of that if you wish. The roots are in good practice from 8,000 years ago at Lepenski Vir. We can make it together for today’s apply .

Welcome to our Neolepenism house Club.

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